• Recycle Electronis - Clean up what we drink.

  • Donate Old Electronics - Help our environment become toxic-free.

  • Promote Solar Energy - Advocate solar energy and contribute to clean technologies.

  • Wind Energy as an Alternative - Bring awareness to clean energy and make a cleaner future.

Join The Revolution

Recycling Donation helps you find places to recycle your electronics.

RecyclingDonation.com's mission is to provide a valuable service to the environment, help good organizations do great things and provide companies and individuals find places to donate their old electronics.


Mobile Device

Recycle your mobile phones and devices.



Recycle your PC.



Recycle your TV.



Best Buy, Dell, LG, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Sprint, Staples


Donate what you can to help

Your donation helps the environment, help today.


  • Save with Home Power

    Independently published since 1987, Home Power magazine is the premier information resource for small-scale renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

  • Solar Power World Online

    Solar Power World is the best resource for Solar Power information - from design and layout to photovoltaics, solar inverters and other Solar Power news.


  • 04 Sept
    EXPO Solar/PV Korea 2013

    September 4 - 6; KINTEX; Goyang, Korea

  • 18 Sept
    Intersolar South America 2013

    September 18 - 20; Expo Center Norte; Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • 23 Sept
    SHC 2013

    September 23 - 25; Congress Center Concert Hall; Freiburg, Germany

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